Deposit 250,000 or more $CRACER, for your passive income share of the Game Revenue distribution


For our crypto investors we wish to offer more than just the opportunity of an up-trending chart. To this end we developed a share revenue system which will incentivize more investors to support the Coinracer project. Through this system, our investors will receive a biweekly allocation from the total revenue generated by the game microtransactions. First Connect your wallet and select the blockchain you prefer to trade on.

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Deposit at least 250,000 CRACER Tokens to get access to the Coinracer Revenue System. This system is available for all CRACER tokens, regardless of the blockchain you prefer to trade.

Important Note: The deposit will be locked for 2 weeks.

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Biweekly the game generated revenue from the in game microtransactions will be distributed to investors that deposited their CRACER tokens.

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Investors can choose to compound their deposit and extend their 2-week lock, withdraw their earnings or withdraw their entire deposit.

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